Now Introducing…..The Hamburger Bed

The Baddest Bed Ever Made

The Baddest Bed Ever Made


I want one of these bad boys. In the summertime, you can stay cool under the huge leaf of lettuce. In the winter, stay warm in between two huge buns. Its the perfect marriage. You and your girl can play hide the meat anytime and not even be vulgar about it. Look at that huge slice of cheese. For the love of God, I hope its not that Casu Marzu crap. We do not need to be sleeping with maggots. Eating in this bed wouldn’t even be out of the question. Crumbs…..what crumbs honey, this is my freaking Hamburger Bed.  I would guess Peta representatives and vegetarians would not share my excitement for this jewel of a bed.  I’m betting the Hamburgler would eat this bed up, no pun intended.

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