Wvu 87 Points – Marshall, Not So Much


Well last night was that time of year again.  The ol’ Capitol Classic.  I saw that my man crush recipient was there, Owen Schmidt.  Always good to see someone who is a legend back in good ol’ West Virginia.  Honestly, if he ran for governor, wouldn’t at least 75% of the state’s population vote for him?

Anywho, we beat Marshall last night, big deal.  Aren’t we supposed to?  The last time I checked we are.  87 to 76 was the final, but if you watched the game, it really wasn’t that close.  Our lack of defensive concentration on the perimeter is the only reason Marshall kept it close.  The injury to Joe Mazzulla is looking more and more to be a blessing in disguise due to giving the Truckster all that playtime/game experience.  Joe needs to come back sometime though.  The Truckster will eventually wear down, especially being his first year in Big East basketball.  Before long I figure the Truckster will start preaching to kids to eat their vitamins and doing their homework, tearing off his game jersey after walking on the court and motioning to the four sides of the arena to listen for noise………you just wait.

On a side note, can you believe there were more fouls called this year than last?  I remember last year it didn’t seem like 3 seconds went by without a foul.  After the game a sinister Wvu fan sat as he burned the Marshall mascot beside him.

We Don't Need No Water

We Don't Need No Water


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