Good Times, Bad Times???

Chicago Cubs 2009

Chicago Cubs 2009


Ok….lets take a look at the off season moves my Chicago Cubs have made.  Remember that they won 97 games last year.  That was the best in the National League and tied for 2nd in all of baseball for 2008.  So why do we make so many offseason moves?  Who even knows, but here’s what’s transpired.

10/31/2008  –  Declined option of catcher Henry Blanco

11/13/2008  –  Traded pitcher Jose Ceda ( a top prospect ) to the Marlins for pitcher Kevin Gregg thus cutting ties with the free agent pitcher Kerry Wood

11/18/2008  –  Signed free agent pitcher Ryan Dempster to 4 year deal

12/16/2008  –  Signed outfielder Joey Gathright to a 1 year deal

12/31/2008  –  Signed infielder Aaron Miles to a 1 year deal

12/31/2008  –  Traded infielder/outfielder Mark DeRosa to the Indians for pitchers Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer, and John Gaub.

01/06/2009  –  Traded pitcher Jason Marquis to the Rockies for pitcher Luis Vizcaino.

01/08/2009  –  Signed outfielder Milton Bradley to a 3 year deal.

01/15/2009  –  Signed outfielder So Taguchi to a 1 year deal.

01/18/2009  –  Traded outfielder Felix Pie to the Orioles for pitcher Garrett Oslon.

01/20/2009  –  Signed pitchers Ken Kadokura and Mike Staton and infielder Luis Rivas to minor league deals.

01/28/2009  –  Traded pitcher Garrett Olson and infielder Ronny Cedeno to the Mariners for pitcher Aaron Heilman.

Are we done yet?  I doubt it.  Have they made the team better?  I really do not think so.  I think they have actually put the team around 80 wins.  A subtraction of 17 wins.  We’ll see though.  By far the worst of these transactions so far was trading away Mark DeRosa.  He played at least 5 positions last year filling in when needed and always providing above average defense and always hit the ball well.  Mark, no pun intended, my words…….we will miss DeRosa dearly.


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