Thundercats Movie – 2010

Thundercats Hooooooooooo!!!

Oh snarf!!!  Since I’m on this cartoon kick and looking into my awesome animated past.  I found there is going to be a Thundercats movie.  Although it looks as if its going to be computer animated and not actors……who cares.  So far I’ve checked out the Transformers and Gi Joe is coming up this year.  All of the Xmen movies and now we’ve got the Thundercats.  I’m about to pull out my spandex Lion-0 suit and start looking into the eye of Thundera to see what other cartoons of the past will rear their heads in the near future.  Check out the youtube video below of someone making their own little Thundercats trailer snarf snarf.  Its actually very well done.  Its not the real thing though.


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