Action Figure of the Week – Zartan

Master of Disguise

Side of the Road:  Evil

Answers to:  Himself

Main Weapons:  Disguises

Zartan is a mercenary for Cobra Commander and the leader of the terrorist group “Dreadnoks” that is associated or does work for a bigger terroristic group “Cobra”.  He also has Paranoid Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder.  Those are perfect traits to be inducted into a terrorist group.  You can also see why he’s a leader.  The more crazy the better.  He first entered the world of Gi Joe when Cobra Commander hired him to kill Snake Eyes ( a Gi Joe that fought Cobra with ninja-esque abilities ). 

If you had the action figure, you could put Zartan in the sunlight and his chest and face would turn a blue-ish green, kinda like the color of algae.  In the cartoon, if I am remembering correctly, he would start to feel pain when in the sun light.  There is no known reason as to how he became the leader of the Dreadnoks, as they were a group before he joined.

Zartan first appeared in the comic “Gi Joe – The Real American Hero” in issue #24, created by Larry Hama.  He first appeared in the cartoon during the mini series “Revenge of Cobra” along side the other Dreadnoks:  Buzzer, Ripper, and Torch.

……and yes, I had this action figure when I was young.


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