Friday’s Pure Badness

If you’ve been checking out my blog, you know that on Friday I post something that is Pure Badness.  I always thought I knew what the definition of badness was…….boy was I wrong.  Check out the info from

1. badness
An expression as to say ‘fresh’ or ‘cool’ etc…
Jay: I got a car for my birthday
Mike: badness!….yo can I go for a spin?
Jay: …No.
2. Badness
Word for vagina that you use when you are really amazing.
She stuck a carrot up her badness, SO WEIRD!
3. badness
expressin likeness towards something, OR being impressed by it
that car is badness! {that car’s off d hook}…. OR those shoes look like pure badness (shoes look hott)

You’ve got to be kidding me.  Is this for real?  I tend to use different words as such and have never heard definition #2.


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