Friday’s Pure Badness

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Suit and Tie

Wow……doesn’t that sound like some most people around where I live.  Who the heck gets dressed up to go to Walmart.  Most people I see there are in casual attire or some old 80’s style sweat pants.  If someone dresses up in sweatpants and goes to Walmart, what do they wear when they do not dress up?  The same person that said that went to the following sporting event.

Dixie Horn


Wvu Football – Today is Signing Day

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Time for the signings of the letter of intent to attend West Virginia University.  I’ll try to keep up, but will make no promises.

Shawne Alston – RB – Three Star – Hampton, Va
Tavon Alston – RB – 5 Star – Baltimore, MD
Stedmon Bailey – Three Star – WR – Miramar, Fl
Cole Bowers – OT – Three Star – Ona, Wv
Branko Busick – LB – Three Star – Steubenville, Oh
Darwin Cook – WR – Three Star – East Cleveland, Oh
Dominik Davenport – DT – Four Star – Hampton, Va
Pat Eger – OT – Two Star – Clairton, Pa

Curtis Feigt – DE – Two Star – Mercersburg, Pa
Tevita Finau – DE – Four Star – Phoenix, Az
Terrance Garvin – S – Two Star – Baltimore, Md
Daquan Hargrett – RB – Three Star – Miami, Fl

Logan Heastie – WR – Four Star – Chesapeake, Va

Brodrick Jenkins – WR – Three Star – Fort Myers, Fl
Deon Long – WR – Four Star – Washington, DC
Nick Kinder – OT – Two Star – Camp Hill, Pa
Pat Miller – CB – Three Star – Hoover, Al
Taige Redman –  LB – Two Star – Keyser, Wv
Jonathon Scott – S – Three Star – Daytona Beach, Fl
Eugene Smith – QB – Four Star – Miramar, Fl
Chris Snook – FB – Four Star – Medina, Oh
Ryan Spiker – OT – Three Star – Dresden, Oh
Jordan Weingart – OG – Three Star – Gainsville, Fl

Looks good so far in exception of Michael Carter who decided to go to Minnesota.  Good luck with that.  He seemed like a real pompous kid anyway.  Maybe he should have went to Clemson.

 I was waiting and hoping Davenport was coming.  He’s a beast and will fit in very nicely on our team.  I figured Deon Long was lock, but had a little doubt there.  I’m glad to see him headed this way also.  Welcome to all of you guys.  I appreciate you wanting to bring the Mountaineer program to another level. 

Looks like Tevita Finau’s just came in.  I’ve been waiting for almost two years to see him in a Mountaineers uniform. 






President Obama Admits Mistake

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Wow, have times have changed.  He admits to making a mistake while talking with Anderson Cooper.  Would our prior president make this same statement?  I seriously doubt it.  To be honest, I really appreciate our president being honest with us.  Its a nice turn around.  See the video below.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Action Figure of the Week – Trapjaw

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Its funny to me that someone would dress up at some convention as Trapjaw and Evil-Lynn from the He-Man Masters of the Universe cartoon/comic.


Side of the Ride:  Evil

Answers To:  Skeletor

Main Weapon:  Various

I always seemed to like this character even though he was evil.  I always tended to lean towards the good guys.  He’s as colorful as a pimp’s clothing to say the least.  He has a plethera of attachements for his right arm.  You see, when he was a young lad he got in a fight with a duck billed Platypus and it mangled his arm so bad that Dr. House decided he needed to get it amputated…….just kidding.  I have no idea how or why he has only one good arm.  His “bad arm” if you will is Pure Badness to say the least.  During his time on the cartoon I’ve seen the man have swords, guns/lasers, a laser bow, etc…you get the point.  Whatever applied for that episode, he had an attachment.  If the dude was in an episode of  “The Girls Next Door” he would have an attachment that would………well, you get the drift. 

He debuted in the cartoon in the very first episode of He-Man called “Diamond Ray of Disappearance” and even appeared the cartoon “She-Ra” Princess of Power.  All in all, he was one of the villains that stuck out in my mind back in the day.  Oh…..and I had the action figure too.  I’m sure he died a firery death though.  <sigh>

…..and yes, I had this action figure when I was young.

Action Figure of the Week – Tuesdays

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Today I’m starting something new.  Every Tuesday until I say otherwise, I will be displaying, critiquing, etc an action figure from my/our past.  Enjoy.

Thundercats Movie – 2010

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Thundercats Hooooooooooo!!!

Oh snarf!!!  Since I’m on this cartoon kick and looking into my awesome animated past.  I found there is going to be a Thundercats movie.  Although it looks as if its going to be computer animated and not actors……who cares.  So far I’ve checked out the Transformers and Gi Joe is coming up this year.  All of the Xmen movies and now we’ve got the Thundercats.  I’m about to pull out my spandex Lion-0 suit and start looking into the eye of Thundera to see what other cartoons of the past will rear their heads in the near future.  Check out the youtube video below of someone making their own little Thundercats trailer snarf snarf.  Its actually very well done.  Its not the real thing though.

Gi Joe Movie – 08/07/2009

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Yo Joe!!!

Where will I be that day?  Oh, I think I’ll be in the theatre of course.  How could I miss the most influential cartoon of my life?

I think I’ve watched every episode of the cartoon through the 80’s.  If they were on today, I would rewatch every one again.  Check out the cast members on the video below.